{"title":"Setting the page view","description":"View menu allow you to set the SVG document view.","keywords":"page,document,view,wireframe"}

View menu

"Fit page to view" - The "Fit page to view" menu item sets the page view so it will be displayed in full within the workspace of the current SVG Document.

"View page at 100% " - The "View page at 100%" menu item sets the page view to 100%, that is to its actual size.

"View page at 200%" - The "View page at 200%" menu item sets the page view to 200%.

"Fit selection to view" - The "Fit selection to view" menu item zooms in on the selected SVG Elements.

"Show as wireframe" - The menu item "Show as wireframe" enables/disables the display of the SVG elements in wireframe. When wireframe view is activated, the elements on the page are shown without filling. This is useful when editing elements hidden by another element's filling.

View menu