{"title":"Draw an SVG path in the document","description":"The Draw Path tool allows you to draw an SVG path in the SVG document.","keywords":"svg, path, curve, segment, line, geometry, shape, design"}

Draw path tool

The Draw Path tool allows you to draw an SVG path in the SVG document.
To draw a sequence of linear segments click inside the work area, move the mouse to set the segment length and, finally, click again to complete the segment creation phase.
After creating several segments, clicking on the start point of the path, you can close the path, thus creating a closed path.

To convert a linear segment to a curve press and hold the mouse button and drag to set the curvature.
After adding a curve segment, the following segments will also be of the curved type and will form a continuous curve.

To end a curve insertion phase and continue with a new line segment or, non-continuous curve with respect to the previous one, click on the last point of the path.

Press the "ESC" key to exit drawing mode.

This tool can be activated through the keyboard by pressing the "P" key.

Draw path tool