{"title":"Path points selection and editing","description":"Points selection tool allows you to select and edit the SVG Path points","keywords":"tool,svg,path,points,selection,edit"}

Path points selection and editing

The tool for selecting points allows you to select and edit the SVG Path points.
Graphic elements, other than Path, can be converted into Path by clicking on the "Convert to Path" button in the element properties panel.

The "Point selection" tool allows you to select points of a SVG Path by clicking
on them or you can click on the background
and drag to create a rectangular region where any point within that region will be selected.

To remove or add a point to the selection, click on the point while holding down the SHIFT key.
The "Select points" tool also allows you to select single segments of a path by clicking on them.
Selected points and segments can be translated by dragging them.

The selected points can be deleted by pressing the "DELETE" or "CANCEL" key.

This tool can be activated through the keyboard by pressing the "A" key.

Points selection tool